There was a time when ‘to harp’ meant to speak, when harpers travelled the length and breadth of the country telling stories and singing songs. As they travelled, the stories and the songs they carried with them were shaped by the places they went, by the roads they took and by the very wind that blew about them. Over the last 15 years Nick been developing a vibrant and exciting style of performance harpers of old would recognize. Drawing deeply from the wellspring of traditional sources, this performance of song and story re-interprets the material for a modern 21st century, with powerful and evocative language and an innovative style of harp playing.

Age 12+

Riverside S, Newhaven BN9 9BT

Performance starts 7.30 pm.
Tickets £10 (all proceeds to Newhaven RNLI)
Optional fish and chips £4 (please arrive promptly at 7pm)
Tickets must be booked in advance through our website or you can pay and put your name on a list
at the Hillcrest Centre cafe.

Parking: Free from 6pm in the carpark on Riverside near Bickerstaff’s fish shop, with a five minute walk down the West Quay. There is limited parking near the lifeboat station for those who have difficulty walking (but please note that the event is upstairs and there is no lift.)


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