woodcarving workshop

Where and when do we meet?

Go to the rear of The Hillcrest Community Centre’s main building, down a few steps and past the artists’ studios, and there straight ahead you will find the Hillcrest Woodcarving Club’s large, airy workshop. And if you go on a Monday, anytime between about 11am and 3pm, you will discover a hive of activity and creativity and a very warm welcome from craftsmen and women of all ages and abilities who, whether they handled their first woodcarving tools just a few weeks ago or fifty years before, are all totally hooked on this wonderfully satisfying pastime.


The workshop is well-equipped and, although there is no formal tuition, a lot of the members have been carving for many years and are able to give expert guidance at all stages of learning so that beginners quickly find the confidence to carve their first simple objects and gradually move on to more ambitious projects. The club owns a good range of tools and we have a variety of pieces of wood ready to be worked with. We also have a kettle!

lady woodcarver


Birds, animals, figures and abstracts are popular subjects for carving, though there is no limit to the possibilities. Our most experienced members produce beautiful carvings to a professional standard and are able to sell their work ranging from walking sticks to sporting trophies. Two members have worked together and made heirloom-quality rocking horses and were also asked to carve the names of the two carpenters erecting the traditional green oak barn at the Laughton Showground near Ringmer. Two 8′ beams were carved and although both carvers were novices at this style of work, the results were impressive and are now in place on the structure. And even our newest members are already turning out very pleasing works to be proud of!

New members welcome

New members are always very welcome, so if you share our love of wood and fancy trying your hand at woodcarving, or already have some experience, we would be pleased to hear from you. Please speak to Reception who can fill you in on all the details. Or stroll down to the workshop on a Monday and see for yourself.

two men woodcarving